The Psacharopoulos Residence

A small paradise, hidden 5 minutes away from the central square of Artemonas.

The 2 storey imposing Psacharopoulos residence, one of the island’s unique neoclassical buildings, is part of the Artemonas traditional settlement, surrounded by large gardens and airy courtyards. It can accommodate one to two families or a large party of 8 to 9 people.

The Psacharopoulos family owned the Panhellenic Steamship Co. and its boats linked many European ports from Trieste to Odessa. The residence was built by local masons and foreign craftsmen in the last decades of the 19th century. It constitutes a special example of the neoclassical style incorporating elements of traditional Aegean architecture and has often been the object of study by architecture students from foreign universities.

Besides members of the family who gather from various parts of the world, the house has occasionally hosted and inspired famous people of the arts and letters, writers, directors, musicians, professors, researchers.

In 2016, the old grape stomping building next to the house was restored. It is bright and uncluttered and in the old days served as a winery. Now it has two levels and can accommodate 2 to 4 , with a double bed on the ground floor and twin beds in the loft.

The Residence and the Winery are two separate, self catered houses and can be rented together or independently. 

From the gardens with their aromatic herbs, tall pines and olive trees, you can walk in 5 minutes through picturesque alleys to Artemonas square and many cafés and tavernas.

All around the house are the starting points of several trails that lead to unique places through particularly beautiful landscapes.

The island’s main township, Apollonia, is ten minutes away on foot and less than a kilometre by car. The beaches of Sifnos, such as Platys Yalos, Chrysopigi, Vathy and Faros, well known for their clear blue waters, are 15 minutes away by car.

Why choose the Psacharopoulos Residence? 
A house that preserves the atmosphere of a past era and at the same time allows us to embrace the light and an open horizon. Large living room, dining room and kitchen in which to share laughter, endless discussions and cooking, high ceilinged rooms, nooks for reading and being alone.
Tall windows, each offering a different view of the sea, the island, the courtyard and the garden with its ancient pines, olive trees, reeds, aromatic shrubs and produce garden.

Hellenic Tourism Organisation 


The Psaharopoulos residence, a neoclassical mansion built in the mid-19th century , is situated in Artemonas, Sifnos, in the Cyclades. 

At the edge of the traditional settlement, surrounded by a property of 1.500 square metres divided into various gardens and courtyards, the house has two storeys and combines the glamour and particular atmosphere of the past century with modern day comforts.

Can  accommodate 8 to 9 persons.


A bright, autonomous, fully equipped house, situated in the traditional settlement of Artemonas, Sifnos, in the Cyclades.

It has a view of the whole island and the sea and a beautiful garden with tall pine trees.

Can accommodate 2 to 4 persons.


Island’s Location

Sifnos is part of the Cyclades islands. It’s one of the most beautiful islands found in the Aegean Sea. The distance from Piraeus port in Athens to the island is 84 nautical miles. Transportation is by ferry boat (5.30 hours) or high-speed ferry (3.15 hours). Between the months of April and October, the services are frequent and on a daily basis.


During antiquity, Sifnos was known under the name of Meropi. It was the wealthiest island of the Cyclades and was inhabited by the Iones. In Delphi, one can currently find the treasures of the Sifnians that are only a sample of the island’s wealth. As a member of the Athenian Alliance, Sifnos aided the Athenians during the war against the Persians. During the Franks rule in the Aegean, Sifnos came under the occupation of several families. In 1573, the Turks took over occupancy from the Venetians, but the island was still allowed many privileges.

Poets, important names of the Greek intelligentsia, playwrights, renowned jurists/legists and Constantinople’s Patriarch Gregorios the 7th, were born in Sifnos. Other famous personalities born on the island include the great doctor of antiquity Difilos, during the 3rd century and during the 19th century, the famous cook Nikolaos Tselementes, a man who was influenced and who himself influenced the well-known and interesting to our days, Sifnian cuisine.