LAYOUT the house

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♦ dinning room   ♦ kitchen   ♦ wine rack   ♦ 2 bathrooms & 1 WC 

On the ground floor are the large dining room and the kitchen with its unique atmosphere for cooking, chatting, even reading with a view of the island. It is fully equipped but also retains its traditional charm with its wooden beams and a typical Sifnos fireplace, the “panostria”.

On the same level is the bottle rack, which keeps a small collection of wines at the required temperature and humidity, as well as the bathrooms.

An impressive double wooden staircase leads to the upper floor.

Bedrooms gallery
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There are 5 bedrooms: ♦ two with double beds   ♦ one with a semi – double bed  ♦ one with twin beds   ♦ one with a semi – double and room for a cot or cradle or second single bed   ♦ sitting room   ♦ office

The whole upper floor is high ceilinged with large windows. The arches were built by Italian craftsmen. The floor is made of wide wooden planks of Baltic sea pine.

The sitting room, very bright with a panoramic view, combines the family’s antique furniture with modern day comforts. It is ideal for endless discussions, reading and board games. The office is a room where one can be alone and working, with a view of Antiparos, Despotiko as well as the garden.

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♦ courtyards and verandas  ♦ barbeque on the terrace  ♦ gardens with Aegean aromatic herbs, Mediterranean flowers and plants, olive trees, tall pines providing cool shade   ♦ a small produce garden with seasonal vegetables for cooking

All around the house are gardens and courtyards on different levels, with their own microclimate and atmosphere. They provide a cool refuge on the hottest hours of the day, hammocks and comfortable seats for relaxation and reading under the pines, nooks for breakfast, coffee, lunch in the shade of the trees, dinner under the starry sky.

From every location, the view is different and unique: picturesque villages, hills, small chapels and the vastness of the Aegean Sea delineated by the rest of the Cyclades: Folegandros, Sikinos, Ios, Despotiko and Antiparos